How We Met

In the summer of 2017 my best friend and I were invited to go play ultimate Frisbee with a group hat met up every Thursday evening. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into, but I got a bit of an idea when a cute boy wearing a hat and sunglasses strolled up into the group. He was a true gentleman. In fact, he proved himself one week when another player from his team, jumped in front of me to catch the Frisbee. this knocked me backwards and almost sent me into a tumble. I didn't realize he was behind me until I felt his arms catch me gently around my waist and set me down as he moved to continue playing.


The First Date

After a few weeks of flirting with her at Ultimate Frisbee I told her "If my team wins you decide where we go on our date, but if your team wins I'll pick." Despite my cockiness she didn't shoot me down, however her team did win. So I ended up taking her out to Liberty Lake for a picnic where we ate, fed ducks, and I made her jump into the lake with me. After that and a bit of star gazing I realized that this was a girl I could see myself with forever.

In A Relationship

After a bit of getting to know him I decided to let him know I was really interested. I took him to Liberty Lake Elementary where we hung out for a little bit talking until he asked me to be his. We started dating and have enjoyed every moment.


The Proposal

On March 10th I had the ring. I had an awesome set up where my little brother and niece would be at Manito Park ready to take some secret pictures while I took her around under the guise of "playing Pokemon Go" (which is awesome btw). It would have been perfect if i hadn't given her my phone while we were driving and getting the text saying they were ready at the park. It's okay because I managed to hold her back until we got to roughly the same spot I caught her at Ultimate Frisbee just a little while after we met.

Engaged!-0227-3 small
Engaged!-0225-2 small

We are so excited to get married this summer and continue to enjoy every day together doing the things we love.